The Blue Waters Group began in 2012 based on the belief that co-owners, Matt Sundermier & Lisa Parks Ferro, are better when working together. 

“We’ve worked with each other our entire careers since 2001, and have developed a high level of trust in one another over the years,” says Matt.

“Many people in our industry keep knowledge and information to themselves for fear of arming the competition,” explains Lisa. “Matt & I felt the opposite of this mindset.  Sharing knowledge and supporting one another allows us to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients.”

“Our partnership was solid, and from it we wanted to grow a larger group with the same collective philosophy.  But,” as Matt states, “we weren’t going to hand over our client’s trust, which is the very lifeblood of both of our careers to just anyone.  As such, we’ve hand-picked talented team members over the years who have not only earned our trust, but the cherished trust of our clients.”

Jennifer Perry, who was brought on in 2016 and serves as a Loan Processor and Transaction Coordinator, has learned how the team approach benefits clients.  “We all know every team member’s role, so when one of us has something else pulling them away, we’re able to step in and take on any task. We all have the same skillset and mindset,” Jennifer adds.

Donna Simpson, the team’s Systems Manager and most seasoned employee of the team, works alongside Jennifer every day.  They coordinate their efforts to handle the company’s loan processing and transaction coordination efforts.  They’ve learned to trust one another’s talents in getting things done.  “Jennifer follows through on anything I need her to,” says Donna, "and while she does it with tenacity she’s also super-friendly.  She’s just the perfect fit for our family.”

Cody Williams joined The Blue Waters Group in 2016 after having a ton of real estate and investing experience in the Pacific Northwest.  Through those prior experiences, he learned how important it was to have the right team around you to be successful.  When he became a REALTOR, it was critical he found a firm with a team philosophy.  “I chose to work with The Blue Waters Group because they are a seasoned group of professionals who had a proven track record of not just earning client’s trust, but also maintaining it,” explains Cody.

Chris McGann switched careers in 2013 after spending years in the consumer insurance industry.  His customer service skillset prepared him for the mortgage and real estate fields, but he wanted to find a firm who would share their wisdom to put him on the fast-track in his own professional development as a mortgage consultant and REALTOR.  “Matt & Lisa have been wonderful mentors to me because they’ve given me the tools necessary to emulate the success they’ve had, while allowing me the freedom to create an experience that best meets the needs of my clients,” says Chris.

Barry Harris has been a mortgage consultant for over 25 years, and has experienced many different company ideals in the lending industry.  When Barry joined The Blue Waters Group in 2018, he did so because he saw they are both “people-centric” & “detailed-oriented,” a rare combination of values Barry himself has developed over the years.

Matt & Lisa are grateful for the industry know-how each team member brings to the group, but it’s the soft, people-skills that set the team apart.  “The best part of Donna & Jennifer is their interactions with our clients.  They bring a sense of kinship and levity in stressful situations and transactions,” boasts Lisa.

Matt adds that “Chris is one of the most selfless guys on the planet, so when you need someone to go the extra mile, he’s your man.  Additionally, he also has a very analytical approach to our business, so he’s never short on solutions when a challenge arises.”

Cody’s investment experience brings a unique perspective for clients.  “He is a true strategist when helping home buyers and sellers,” explains Lisa.  “Having started an investment firm & owning 70 properties over the years gives him the ability to see real estate through a different lens.”

“Barry is always looking at the bigger picture for his clients,” says Lisa.  “From going on a bike ride together or inviting over for dinner, clients end up becoming friends with Barry because they feel so well taken care of.”

While the group has tripled in size since 2012, Matt & Lisa weren’t simply going for bigger.  “The goal wasn’t simply just to build a business, but more so to cultivate a culture of talented, like-minded team members who could help us care for our clients,” says Matt.  “I’m proud to say we’ve done just that.”

The Blue Waters Group is the premier mortgage and real estate firm in the Folsom area, serving clients with a one-stop-shop model that helps clients buy, sell, and finance their homes.  For more information on each member of the group, visit the “About The Group” page.

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