It was through Matt’s continual contact that convinced us that NOW was the right time (to refinance). His insight, knowledge, and our confidence in his opinion and ethic made our decision to refinance easy. Matt is continually courteous and professional in all our dealings, and is understanding and thoughtful of our concerns.
-Wes B., December 2011 

Matt is the most thorough and attention to detail person I have ever met. He works very well with everyone and I can not think of anyone in the past that I have ever worked with that is so charming, hard working and on top of what he does.
-Jim P., November 2011

Matt’s consistency is something I have never experienced elsewhere. I’ve known real estate agents that were great in the past but they didn’t have the necessary knowledge of mortgage specifics. Matt doesn’t have that limitation, he offers a complete suite of (mortgage and) real estate services.
And to the consistency point, he checks in with you at least once per year, even when you are not refinancing or moving to a different home, to make sure you are informed nonetheless. He even prepares an annual real estate report that details the entire picture for your home. We’ve worked with Matt on two refi’s now and won’t be looking anywhere else as long as he’s around!
To summarize my experience with Matt, in a word, awesome!
-Jeremiah A., October 2011

Matt was recommended by a mutual friend. We had no experience in the process that was about to take place and were very nervous. Matt met with us and laid out the process. Matt made it seem very simple and stress free. That was reassuring. As the days went on and various paperwork was submitted, Matt kept us in the loop constantly on the timeline ahead. Matt always made us feel like we were no bother and he had the right answers….which he always did.
Thank You Matt for making our home purchase easy!!
-Rachael G., July 2011

Matt was interested in my situation and had good suggestions as to how to resolve some of them without telling me what to do. He has an easy but confident demeanor about him that I enjoyed and trusted…I was coordinating several transactions with him, and he had each step ready and waiting for me. The process was seamless and correct from start to finish. My opinion of Matt as a person and a businessman is very high indeed.
-Joanne J., June 2011

We were college friends of Matt’s and so when it came time to look for our first home we thought of him first. Not only did Matt exceed our expectations as a Realtor and Mortage Broker, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. Friend or not, Matt was always professional, attentive, focused and flexible. All traits we appreciated when making such a big decision.
-Britni A., January 2011

Having had less than favorable experiences in the past with mortgage brokers, I was very pleasantly surprised with my recent refinance through Matt. He was very thorough, efficient, pleasant to work with, and most importantly, honest and upfront in all of our interactions. He kept me informed of updates and changes in our package, and was able to come up with viable options when roadblocks arose. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family needing real estate or mortgage needs.
-Kim C., January 2011  

Working through the complexity of a refinance proved to be a breeze with Matt. He was knowledgeable, communicative, attentive and always ready with clear, easy explanations for all my questions. Everything I was looking for in a mortgage broker/consultant.
-Steve W., December 2010

Matt is personable and professional. He knows his stuff, he was a pleasure to work with, and he saved us a lot of money. We will work with Matt on all of our Real Estate and Mortgage needs.
-Mike B., November 2010

I purchased my house with Matt’s help about 6 months ago and recently Matt notified me that I could save some money every month if I refinanced and took advantage of the low interest rates. As with the purchase of my home, every aspect of the whole process was as smooth as could be and I am completely satisfied ! Thanks again Matt!
-Christine C., October 2010

Working with Matt was a great experience. He was very honest and wanted to make sure that we understood the entire transaction.
-Amy M., November 2010

I was thoroughly impressed with not only his professionalism but his knowledge and ability to efficiently, seamlessly and thoroughly handle our refinance process on our homes. Matt is very cordial, honest and easy to work with. He follows through and provides honest information that he can deliver. He handled all of our transactions in a very timely manner and we have been extremely pleased with his services. We will definitely recommend him to our family and friends.
-Terri P, November 2010

Matt was our real estate agent when we purchased our house in Folsom. When he called about doing a refi, I went with it immediately. We trust his guidance completely!!
-Arend T, September 2010

Matt, was completely professional as well as helpful in explaining all aspects of the process in the refinancing of are home loan.
-Glenn B, August 2010

I couldn’t have asked for more from Matt. In my first experience purchasing a house, Matt did a great job at leading me through the process from beginning to end. He took the time and effort to first get to know exactly what I wanted and what would fit my needs. Communication was great and any questions I had Matt would make sure to get the answer. The best part of my experience was actually how Matt conducts business got to know me as a person. He was honest and looked out for my needs. I didn’t feel like Matt’s client, but more his friend getting help buying a house. I would recommend his services to anybody.
-Scott B, August 2010

It is obvious to us that Matt develops a lasting relationship with his clients and clearly cares about them and looks out for our best interests.
-Steve B, August 2010

Matt went the extra mile to find a lender willing to work with my unique situation. From our first conversation to the signing of the loan documents I felt like he was there to help me through the process. Thank you Matt!
-Sheila J, July 2010

Working with Matt to purchase our home and secure our mortgage was great. Matt new how to navigate us through (buying with) the short-sale process and the process of securing a mortgage. He made himself available to us when we needed him and really made the whole process unstressful. We would definitely use Matt again in the future.
-Brian W, July 2010

Matt made my refinance process easy, quick & issue free. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone. He is very good at what he does.
-Lisa M, July 2010

Over all great to deal with, always there to answer any questions we had, even when he wasn’t in the office. Always stayed in touch with us making sure we didnt need anything, or with any updates he had. We plan to use him in the future. It is great to work with someone who can make things easier for you. Matt did that every step of the way. This was a big deal for us but Matt kept it easy.
-Rheannon W, July 2010

From the very beginning he was easy to talk to and quickly gained an understanding for my personal situation and was able to assess how he could help me. He was very friendly and easy to understand. He was able to break things down into terms I could grasp and put everything on the table from the beginning. He was very honest used his own personal judgment to help guide me through my first home purchase. He spoke confidently and knew what he was doing.
-Leah B., May 2010

Matt was a really cool guy to work with. He knew everything he was talking about and even though he was out of his normal area he didn’t waste time finding out everything about the area he helped us buy in. He was very friendly and a hard worker. He made sure he had the bases covered before he even approached us with anything just to be sure he was prepared for any question or concern we had. Made home buying an easy and good experience.
-Nathan B., May 2010

My fiancé and I needed to start the house buying process very quickly and Matt did and excellent job of getting us a head start on everything. Not knowing much about anything we were about to get into, Matt was very helpful in explaining anything we needed to know and answered many question before they were even asked. He knew exactly what we were looking for, and in fact, recommended the area that we ended up buying the house in (we hadn’t even considered that area at first). When we hit a few snags with our loan, Matt was fully prepared to help us do anything we could to get approved and was always very prompt about getting me any new information that surfaced… we were never left waiting and wondering. Overall, our experience with Matt was excellent and we would definitely recommend him in the future.
-Sarah R., April 2010  

I was a first time home buyer and was very anxious about the whole qualifying process and all that buying a home seemed to involve in general. Matt explained the process so well that I left with a much better understanding of the home purchasing process… From the first time we went out to look at houses, Matt picked up right away on what was important to me and I REALLY felt like he had my best interest at heart. He kept amazing track of all the things I did like about homes and called me when he saw the perfect house for me pop up on MLS. I had expected escrow to be a major process and it was orchestrated so well by Matt that I really only had to show up at the inspections, etc and Matt took care of the rest. If there was a problem, Matt had a quick solution. The whole process from beginning to end was a positive, enlightening experience and I highly recommend Matt as both a Buyer’s Agent and Mortgage Consultant.
-Christine C, February 2010

Matt was a huge help for us when we bought our first home. He was patient with our numerous questions, and he gave us invaluable advice. Overall, he really helped make this experience much easier than it would have been if we had done it on our own.
-Angela N., July 2009

Mat helped us refinance our home mortgage with fantastic follow up and completion of all details. Matt is fantastic!
-Eric & Barbara H, May 2009

My husband and I had been looking for a house for 8 months and had many frustrations and disapointments. I contacted Matt to discuss my situation and decided to switch to his services. Matt must have taken us to look at 50+ homes and was always patient. When we finally opened escrow on our home, Matt was efficient and responsive; my husband and I felt at ease knowing Matt was taking care of us. Due to Matts professionalism and client care, I have and will continue to refer family and friends to him.
-Melissa M, July 2009

I turned to Matt for help in getting ready to purchase and he totally helped me out for several months before I was ready. He was there for me when I got to the point of buying my first home and then several months later, he was there for me when refinancing became a good option for me. I am totall satisfied with Matt in all capacities and have already recommended him to co-workers. Thanks Matt!
-Patricia S, July 2009

We found Matt to be very professional. He is: 1. competent and knowledgeable; 2. ethical; 3. benevolent/client focused. We truly appreciate the manner in which we were served.
-Anonymous, June 2009

Overall, Matt makes the home buying process as smooth as you could ever imagine. With his calm approach and his uncanny attention to detail it makes me wonder if this guy ever makes mistakes! To top it off Matt is the trustworthiest individual I have ever done business with. Honestly, Matt sets the example all should strive for in the industry.
-John O, March 2009

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Matt. He was always professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of our specific needs. He tailored communication appropriately to our level of understanding and was a great resource of information in general. Even though he was a distance away from us, we easily communicated through email and phone, using electronic documents. We appreciated this for both economic and environmental reasons. Thanks!!
-Laurie S, Feb 2009

Mat was the key to our home buying experience. He was there every step of the way to help us in every way we asked and even in ways that we had not thought of. He was an absolute PLEASURE to work with and we would recommend him to any and all friends/family that would need his services.
-Anna O., Oct. 2008

Matt did everything exactly as he said he would and provided complete, honest and timely advice throughout the loan process. Having worked with other mortgage brokers that failed to live up to that standard in the past, it was a welcome change.
-Jeremiah A., Feb 2009

Buying a home or refinancing an existing mortgage is a very stressful life-event. Matt was 100% trustworthy, dependable, clearly communicated and demonstrated commitment and investment in our process, alleviating much of that stress. We absolutely will be contacting Matt when we purchase our next home and will ravely refer friends to Matt and his colleagues.
-Catrina W, Feb 2009

Matt handled our home purchase last year and our refinance this year. His services have been superior. He communicates well and often and if he tells you something he will follow through.
-Julise J, Feb 2009

My excellent impression of Matt started with his regular newsletters that he sent out when he took over during Spencer’s absence. It continued when I contacted Matt for a refi and found him to be as genuine in person as he was in his newsletters. I felt I was in knowledgeable, trustworthy hands throughout. And considering how many people must be contacting him right now, I was impressed with his level of contact. I never felt that I had to engage first. Matt is the bomb!
-Suzanne M, March 2009