The Blue Waters Group has found sharing testimonials from past clients is the most effective way to build trust with future clients.  And the best way to add authenticity to a testimonial is to capture it on video! 

We have 3 easy options for you to provide a video testimonial:

   1.) We can come to you!  Just email us to schedule a day and time that works best for you to film the testimonial.

   2.) Use your mobile device to record your testimonial, then email it to Most smart phones and laptops offer video recording.  If you know how to email video files, this may be your preference.

   3.) If your computer (laptop) is equipped with a webcam, you can simply use this app to record your testimonial.  When prompted, simply email to . Pretty slick!

Here are a few quick suggestions when doing a video testimonial:

  • Be Yourself - just act & speak casually; like you're talking to a group of friends.
  • Keep it short - most folks don't tend to watch videos for more than 2 minutes
  • Pick a Quiet and Bright Location - videos sound & look great when done inside in a well-lit room
  • Give Examples - describing HOW we helped you means more to the viewer than a long list of flowery superlatives.  Tell them specifically what you appreciated most about our services.

Thank you so much for your efforts to help us reach more clients using the power and truth of your testimony of our services!